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  • Explore college life on and off campus, live in residence halls, take classes, engage with peers and industry professionals.

  • Immerse yourself into another culture to develop global perspectives through exploration and new experiences in breathtaking locations.

  • Refine your language skills through cultural immersion, homestays, and classes, while exploring diverse regions.

  • Change the world and gain a new appreciation for your way of life while celebrating the beauty of community and tradition.

  • Voyage to extraordinary locations to examine surrounding habitats and wildlife while partaking in thrilling activities and adventures.

  • Through dedication and enjoyment, master your skills during intense training sessions and exhilarating, fun experiences to decompress.

  • Continue your educational travel experiences on the undergraduate and graduate level.

  • Jumpstart youth exploration and discover unique learning opportunities.

  • UCLA offers virtually unlimited opportunities for inquiry, discovery, and education. Experience what it’s like to be part of the student body at a top public university, ranked as “Most Selective” by U.S. News & World Report in 2013.

  • Standing out among typical “College Towns,” New York City offers students an opportunity to learn and grow in America’s gateway to the world, with global and cutting-edge universities and colleges, featuring top programs and research facilities, and a diverse array of programs for every interest.

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  • Catherine Taylor

    Associate Director of Education for WorldStrides

    An expert in designing and implementing blended curriculum, Catherine Taylor brings a unique perspective from experience as an instructor in literature, humanities, and the arts for students ranging from 7th graders to undergraduates.

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  • Steven Morello

    Destination Specialist: Spain Adventure

    Voted the 2013 Destination Director of the Year!

    Well known as a professional wildlife photographer, Steve’s work has appeared in numerous publications.

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